martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Un fin de semana de cine!!


Last weekend we went to a Colombian film festival in The Hague. Well, technically, we just went to the first day of the festival. We watched two movies; the first one was more a documentary about the life of our Nobel Prize, Garcia Marquez. It was interesting only if you knew about his life and his masterpieces. I enjoyed it but it seems to me, it leaves a huge gap in political life of Gabo. But, in any way, he is first a writer and that is the main reason we as Colombian feel proud of him.

The second was a touching movie; it showed the clash of two stories, if not completely real, very close to the reality many of our fellows have to endure. Two men bear the burden of his bitter past life; one with strength of mind, the other with physical force, both with determination and a glimpse of hope for the future.

The first is missing a leg; the second misses his own forgiveness. I don’t want to tell the story but what I learn from it. Determination, friendship, forgiveness! Only when you endure tough situations you can really understand what is all this about. I am so lucky in life, and most of my friends are too. We complain too often about our lives, but if we just stop a minute and look at the world, the we will realize we are privilege and, instead of complain about our jobs, and frustrated plans, as travels or money that we don’t have, we better use this energy to help some one in need.

It is within the human nature complaining about life, I still doing it, but from other perspective. I am now, more than ever, aware of my position in life, of all that the angels (or however we want to call our supreme power), has granted me. And I am grateful instead of disappointed when I realize the weak hurdles life has given me to overcome.

The characters in the movie hold this strong determination in life that staggers you. They keep fighting and even after they realize the cruelty of the coincidence that brought them together, they are able to give more.

The movie is great; I recommend it to all of you. It’s in Spanish, but has English subtitles, it is sad because it’s real in a way, but it’s our reality and if we turn the back to these facts, we’ll be forgetting our essence.

You can see the trailer in:


To end, we also watched a really good movie on Saturday: The secret of the eyes. It has been so far the best Argentina’s movie I’ve seen, and I must recognize, they use to make good films…
It has everything: love, comedy, suspense, friendship, and outstanding actors, such as Ricardo Marín. I won't say more because it is really worth to see it, I will see it again for sure, with subtitles, spanish subtitles, to get all the argentine-spanish touch.

The trailer:

Finally, we could watch the professional version of 2012 and the only thing that I kept from it was the question: Why did I lose two hours of my time in this movie?

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