miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2009


It was sometime around 2007 when I came up with the idea to move to The Netherlands for a long term. My husband, Dutch, didn’t seem as keen as I was with the idea, despite all his support with the idea that we had back there to study a Master in Holland. We fought against the clock to gather all the documents on time to obtain my acceptance in Utrecht University. I finally get a provisional acceptance some time in 2008, but I needed to improve my English, especially my writing skills if I was to study. Enthusiastic, as I always tried to be when I commit myself to a new project, we decided to travel to Ireland and stayed there for a couple of months so I could prepare myself better for the IELTS, which I did successfully. When everything was ready to move to Holland to start my new studies, I learnt I didn’t get the scholarship, more than necessary to start a new life in a north country. We decided to move still, we had clear that no matter what hurdle we have to face, we will make it.

It was July last year; when the global economic crisis was at its height. With just a few savings, and with almost no knowledge of Dutch language, the decision was risky. Nevertheless, we decided to keep on going, that’s why, after more than ten years living independently, we moved to my mother’s in law house in Nijkerk. The staying at her house was warming and joyful, I should say I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family in law, just perfect to tackle with the homesickness I always feel. Two weeks later, we were moving to our new rent apartment in Leiden, a small place, perfect for two in loved couple.

As soon as we were set down, I began looking for a job, soon I realized the importance to get some experience in the Netherlands, and thanks to a close friend I knew about ACCESS. I went to the interview with many expectations but nervous as well, and luckily, one week later I was beginning my training in THD at the City Atrium (ACCESS office in The Hague). It’s been four months and I have learned many things and met wonderful people. ACCESS has given me precisely what I was looking for: experience and friends. Likewise, UNOY the international organization where I am doing an internship has given me the opportunity to boost all my capabilities.

Aware of the importance to learn the language, I started to study by myself. Then, thanks to the gemeinte of Leiden, I am going to do a Dutch course at Leiden University since January 2010.

Even when it seems unlikely that I can ever study in Utrecht University, all that I have done to achieve my dream wasn’t worthless. It led me and my husband to our most amazing adventure together to discover the colorful Ireland, I improved my language skills, and I realize more than ever, that learning is an endless process and I try to make it always fun. So, despite the hurdles, I didn’t let them put a dumper on my dreams, which was actually live and enjoy the Netherlands, their culture, their language, their opportunities, and more than everything, my husband’s family.

My dream for 2010, aside the possibility to keep enjoying all the good things this country has given me, is to find a good job, a paid job, that allows me to live independently again, and one that gives me the opportunity to be useful for someone, not the boss, but my own people, the people from Latin America, and demonstrate all that I am able to.

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  1. Querida Nana:
    Me perdí x un momento, pero renazco como un fénix con nuevo impulso, al que me quiero sujetar este nuevo año, con muchas promesas, muchas ganas de hacer cosas, mejorar siempre en lo personal y profesional y seguir cultivando mis buenas amistades como tú.
    El relato que compartes de esta parte de tu vida es inspirador, no solo x el hecho de las ganas que le pusiste a hacer el cambio de país a pesar de las noticias de la Universidad de Utrech si no x tener la capacidad de adaptarte a los cambios, encontrar una posibilidad en ACCESS y todo ello "de la mano del Tuli".
    Te mando todas mis mejores energías que en este punto están más que cargadas, jiji, esperando que los deseos que tienes este 2010 no solo se vayan cumpliendo si no que te sigan permitiendo tener la capacidad de una visión más allá de la realidad que se nos presenta en determinado momento de la vida, no siempre concordante con nuestros sueños ;)
    Te quiero!