viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Irlanda, the colorful land of dreams

Just a short glimpse to Ireland.....

As very single story, it has a background. Ireland was the result of several talks, thoughts and dreams. We wanted to go to an English speaking country to improve my English and just live this whole idea to head any place where you don’t know anyone and you have to find your way just by yourself. I never imagined I was going to find one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been. (I have just been in a couple countries though)

Irlanda is a mixture of colors, of histories, of religions, of struggles. We arrived at late one rainy night. Ireland received us with this tiny rain which can be annoying and magic at the same time. Our first night was not the best prelude to what we were going to live. We found our way near the Liffey River and just couple streets away to the O’Connell street.

Arjan worked and I studied, but more than that, we enjoyed every single day that we walked 30 minutes to get to the office/school. Particularly me, I struggled against the wind every day and enjoy the cool and fresh breeze on my face, listening the music of the 80’s that I never did. I was so lucky to find an amazing English teacher who trains us in the most enthusiastic way. The library’s services were awesome, the MILHOJAS were delicious, the endless parks, the people, the friendly atmosphere, the pintas, smoothly expensive but enjoyable, and of course, the music….

Ireland gave me the best holidays ever, it was a kind of honeymoon we could share with friends we did there, friend who came to visit, and friends we met in the neighbour island!

You can find in Ireland musicians as famous as Bono, and as unknown as the one in ONCE. In almost every street you could hear the young talents with no more than their guitars playing and dreaming!!!

We went East to West and also to the North, to Derry and to the wonder of the Giant’s causeway! What a view! What a dream!

There are no words to describe Ireland, as Gabo would say, living to tell the tale!!!

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