domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

The green wave – Antanas Mockus president!

I believe utopia is possible! As many other fellow citizens, I have recovered the hope in my country, a land with two oceans, with biggest mountains, with largest forests, and the most dreamful people in the world.

As you can see in my face book, I am plastering my profile with political propaganda. I now feel the need to explain to my non-Spanish speaking friends and family the reasons why I am so enthusiastic in this campaign.

I am going to be 30 this year. This mean that since I was 22 Uribe has governed Colombia. Although I recognize some advances in security, the prize that my country had to paid was fairly too high. 8 years of scare are coming to an end. And now, we have again the possibility to vote freely for a change.

Antanas Mockus is candidate to the Presidency of Colombia. He is not a traditional politician, I almost not dare to call him a politician, I would rather refer him as a thinker and strategist. He was twice the Mayor of Bogotá, and the change he and his team brought to the city was completely amazing. Now, we have in our votes, the possibility to see it happen in all our territory. (Copy and paste it in the browser)

Just to ponder on the possibility that Antanas would reach the leadership of my country makes my hart go quicker. I believe he can lead us to a fresh and new way to live with which other, where guns are not longer the priority, but pens and books, where the difference is not more a reason to discriminate, but to learn from it, where the Constitution and the law are deeply respected and not just a tool of the one in power, in one sentence, as a creative has said, I believe the utopia is possible with Antanas Mockus as our new president.

Among his proposal are: Education as the key, each life is sacred, public resources are sacred, environment respected. He will continue the good policies Uribe has done, but he will go further and from a different perspective. He won’t tolerate violations to life, or any other form of violence. He will educate our children to become responsible citizens. He will build the basis for a new society. Naturally, I do not see him as a savor, but I trust in his endless will to make the change real.

There is only 20 days left, and unfortunately, we are on danger of fraud in the polls and unfair competition. Mockus is now heading the opinion polls, but the real fight will be 30th May. I hope I can be writing a celebration note by then.

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