martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Quand on est au chômage, on est stressé

I heard from one of my best friend that she just lost her job. She joins one more time the club of the "chômage" (unemployment - I find nice the word in French). Many of my friends are now without a job or looking forward to change it, to work in the area they have studied for, to get the job of their dreams. Others are lucky and they've already find their way, not without struggle though.
I am also in the process to look for a job, even when my situation is somehow in standby due to the expectation of enter the University.
I am, among many others in the continuous struggle to find something to do that at the same time, will make me happy and will give me money enough to cover my basic needs (I am so lucky to count on my husband and family, but being almost 30, it seems no longer right to keep leaning towards someone else). I've been in the Netherlands three months already, and I've sent more than 30 applications to organizations, foundations, Institutes, Companies and wherever I saw the slightly chance I could work. Finally, one week ago I received a positive answer. I am going to start doing an Internship with UNOY, an international network of young peace builders. I will tell you more about it some other day. Even when I am not gonnna get any money as retribution, I will get something really invaluable, which is experience and contacts, I hope!
Well, I am writing to cheer all of my friends and acquaintances up. To encourage them keep fighting. As the saying tells, RETROCEDER NUNCA, RENDIRSE JAMÁS (Never to retreat, never to surrender, or in a rhyme: Forward Ever, Backward never).
We must bear in mind how tough the economic situation is nowadays and inject even more energy into the search. I know how difficult it is, I know there are some times that you don´t want to get up, to write another letter, to look again those job finders sites and to see nothing has changed. But there is no way the situation remains like that for ever, and it is in our hands to change it. We will certainly find hurdles in our race, but we must not fall at the first one.
This year has been difficult for many of us, but it's brought also joy and important lessons not to be forgotten. Let's try not to think too much in the negative things, but stressed on the good things we have done or have occurred in our lives or the ones we care.
I am sure you will write me telling me how you also find your way. It might take some more months, might be just some weeks, but then you will realize all this struggle was worth, and you were right to keep in the race.
In the meanwhile, do what I do, take your old hobbies, cheap hobbies and enjoy them. I enjoy reading, writing and learning languages. It represents no financial costs (At least you go one week to Paris and loose the train, no comments!!). Volunteer is also a good way to feel yourself useful. Say it to me!
And do not forget to listen the music you like! It works a treat!
Good luck!

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