domingo, 8 de enero de 2017

Life without sugar. Day 3 to 8.

Here I am, 8 days long without sugar. I cannot say that I have strictly follow life without sugar, because there is so many foods that contain sugar that sometimes is just impossible to look at every single thing. But we are becoming more conscious of the sugar in the food, and I can say I notice almost immediately when something has sugar on it. I am becoming more sensitive to sweetness, I actually do not need it that much I think.. But the truth is, I’ve been compensating sugar with a lot of other food.. and that is not ideal.. but well, I am starting, so the point is not to be that 100% strict with yourself, but being really aware of what you are eating.. and that for sure we are doing! Tuli went shopping the other day and he spent twice or more trying to find food without sugar. It is amazing how sugar is really everywhere.  I understand now better the discussion that was going on recently in Colombia about more taxes to soft drinks.

Today will be the big day to proof my persistence. I am going to the baby shower of one of my best friends (if not the best, I must confess) and I will have to say no to a lot of French delicatessen.. oh.. I will really need to be strong!!! We will see. For now, I just could not avoid weighting myself today, one week later, and it is because I need some incentive, and I got it. I think I have lost at least 500 grams… Is not a lot, but it is something taking into account that I have not exercised, and that I have been eating plenty potatoes, rice and pasta… I know.. Shame on me!!! But the challenge was only sugar not carbohydrates (I know what carbohydrates do once in the body and blood, but let’s keep it simple this month).

Lesson learnt: Eating without sugar makes you aware of what you are giving your body to make you happy.

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