martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

Yes, I can!

When you are a mother the little small tiny things make you happy, but what I just achieved is just exhilarating. I feel like Obama when he won the first time or like our dear Quintana when he crossed the final in the tour de FranceJ. This is an amazing feeling.  You would be thinking: What is it so big? Tell at once, and then I would be afraid to reveal the reason of my unexpected happiness and freedom. But, of course, I will: Both of my kids are taking a nap, yes they are sleeping at midday, they didn’t even cry to get to sleep or fight or made all the show they use to do when I tell them is time to go to bed for the midday break. No, they didn’t!!! They just laid down and closed their eyes, and then I run to turn on my computer and write, and also warm up my cold unfinished coffee from this morning at 6 a.m. My first thought after this sudden victory was to lay down as well and get some sleep, the bags under my eyes will appreciate it, but then  I went for a different option: I need to get my energy from something else than just bare stillness, and writing gives me this breath and strength. I felt a bit guilty for not using this time to clean, to do the laundry or to cook dinner, that is really needed here, but again, I need to put my neurons working in something different than just planning the best strategy to make your kids sleep “tear-free” or take the diaper away without traumatizing.

Well, here I am just writing about them, and that is what happens when you are parent, you yearn for some free time, and as soon as you get it, you just spend it all, every single second thinking on your children and just wishing to see them soon again.  My glory does not last long, as the beautiful baby girls is already awake and asking my attention, so this is it for now, but what I really want to point out, before the wind takes it away, is that persistency, discipline and routine are the key of education. It took me time to get results, could be it or could be a mere stroke of luck, whatever it is I am just going to enjoy it all the same.

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