jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012


It’s almost impossible saying that you are ready to face a situation in life, and hardly credible to say that you are ready for the birth of your son. However, I want to believe I am ready. And I’m waiting. Perhaps the real true is that I’m completely exhausted of the whole waiting, specially the last weeks at home, which were wonderful the first 20 days, but now they seem endless without a single signal that the birth will commence…

I could consider myself now an expert on birth theory, I know how to identify the beginning of it, I know the techniques to minimize the pain, I know which positions might help, when a shower or bath could also help, how the massages should be done, how works the connection between your chin and the pelvic area, and how to relax all different parts of my body through breathing, visualization and affirmations.

All these sound the perfect preparation, but I have the feeling this can come to nothing in the real practice, I really hope not, but I must be honest to myself, I’ve being feeling some cramps that I was expecting were contractions, or at least the Braxton Hicks ones (the fake ones), but I think they were more in my mind than in my body, or perhaps they were just backache due to my impossibility to find a position to sit or sleep still.

Arjan talks to the baby all the time and tries to convince him how wonderful the world is out there, but my little does not know better than my tummy, where even not so much space now, he gets all the food he needs and all the attention when he starts practicing to become the next kung fu world champion… He still getting all his daily massages and all the music he is now used to hear, so, what else could he hope for (love, food, attention, music), how to trade all this for the birth where he will have to pass through a narrow canal, and feel like an earthquake is shaking him and all his tiny bones and muscles… oh boy, I will be thinking it twice as well…

I’m still on time, we are just so anxious because we thought we could influence him so much that he would come last Sunday, it was our first big disappointment, but in real, we still have 9 more days, the bets have began, my boss says is the 14th… my mother expects the 12th or the 17th. I’m just going to be smarter this time and I’m going to listen to my baby more carefully to know when he decides he is ready to come to this world, that although not the best, it will provide him with all the love and care his parents and family can give him.

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