viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

The journey throughout my pregnancy

How to start? When to begin? My pregnancy just didn’t start from the conception, but before and well after… It’s being a whole process that I can’t really tell where the beginning was but hopefully I will be able to tell when the end would be  We were talking about having children for years, but it was more a game than anything else, but as you know if you play with fire you can get burn… and it happened. We had really no idea that we will be trapped in our own game, and when we found it up, we were in shock for at least one or two weeks. I was never sure whether I wanted or not to have children but if I would, there was no doubt at all that I wanted Arjan, my husband to be the father of them. I am so grateful life has given me such a partner for life!!! Pregnancy can be divided in quarters, although it’s a lie that it last 9 months or 40 weeks, the official way to count the weeks of your pregnancy begins the first day of your last menstruation period, what a fake!! You are then not even thinking in getting pregnant! But well, this is the medical way to count it, so we have to follow the flow…. Once realized we were pregnant, after three different tests because we did not believe it, I started to feel tired, I did not have any other symptoms happily, not any dizziness or any cravings, just exhausted, I remember coming home from work and lying down to bed till Arjan woke me up with dinner, I had energy enough to eat and then go back to sleep, I can’t really say those were tough months, but I had no life at all, it was just working, sleeping and eating. Luckily, the fourth month came quickly after and I recovered my energy, it was amazing how I could really experience all that books were telling about pregnancy in the different stages, my breast and belly start itching and the routine of almond oil at night and anti stretch marks cream every morning begun. Such a nice treat, especially at night when my husband does it. During the second quarter I was able to received happily friends and family, walk with them, go to new places, feel full of energy and watch my belly growing with loads of expectations. Working was nice, my belly allowed me to do things as usual; clothes were fine, life was a bit normal again. The only stumble, literally, that I had these months was a sprained ankle...twice!! One in my second month, the second in my fifth month! Next to the pain, it was awful seeing your swollen ankle and not being able to move and have the constant fair to fall again. I also had the cold, it was not nice, but after one long week I could also recovered, it was important to have the support of my family and colleagues at work! I could travel to Colombia to see my family, or I should say, so they could see me. It was a wonderful and relaxing time, but also the beginning of my last quarter, meaning the end of a sleeping era. Sleep at night has become a nightmare since then, getting only worse and worse every day, every pound… I am now 35 weeks pregnant, and have gained 12 kilos, my belly is 110 centimeters round, and laying down is only possible on my left side, my back won’t resist the weight and if I lay on my right side, my whole body gets sleepy in 5 minutes and I feel the lack of oxygen, what a journey!! Well, everything is not that bad at all, I’m resting at home already two weeks and I’m getting ready to receive this little –not literally- baby into this world. We were part of a mindful birth course that has given us handy tools to enjoy the birth of our son in a relax and positive manner. I will write about this course in other note, for now, I’m trying to build a routine of walking and reading, the second one goes perfect, the first one is the difficult one with the Dutch weather though…

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